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What we teach

Teachers use the White Rose Mastery Mathematics Scheme to inform their Maths teaching.  These are followed to ensure children experience ‘hands on’ activities where a range of manipulatives and strategies are used to solve problems and explore questions posed.  Additional activities and resources are deployed from a variety of sources, including the Mastery materials produced by NCETM and LbQ. Running alongside the unit plans, staff use Hands-on Maths (KS2) and First4Maths resources.


In KS2, Teaching Assistants provide Basic Skills support four days per week in class. Each Term, selected KS2 children receive small group support in our Mentoring sessions with a Class Teacher for 30 minutes, four times per week.


In Reception and KS1, teachers deliver the Mastering Number Programme four days per week, in addition to the daily Maths lesson. 


Mastery approaches to Mathematics are being further developed and are used to support our planning and delivery of the subject.  This is enabled through our sustained engagement with the Maths Hub for a three year period.