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What we teach

PE at Salesbury School


We believe that PE is an essential part of the school curriculum. It offers children the chance for regular physical activity, promoting their health and wellbeing while also developing their physical skills. At Salesbury School, our PE curriculum aims to achieve both of these things while also exposing children to a wide range of sports and other physical activities that can become the basis of a healthy lifestyle well into the future.



We use PE PASSPORT app as the basis for our PE teaching, which ensures that we can offer children a wide range of exciting sports and other physical activities such as dance. Each week, children benefit from two PE lessons. Generally, one of these weekly lessons will be indoors and the other outdoors. This means children can enjoy two different sports each half term.


Children from Key Stage 2 go swimming every week at a local swimming pool. These lessons are taught by qualified swimming coaches while our class teachers also attend to support. These swimming lessons replace one of the children's weekly PE lessons.


PE Teaching

In Early Years, children are have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of physical activities. These include climbing, trikes, group games, ball games and more besides. The breadth of activities ensures that children have the skills they need to start their more formal PE lessons in Year 1.


In Key Stages 1 and 2, children have two PE lessons a week as described above. In order to offer children at Salesbury School the highest possible quality PE experience, children in Key Stage 2 are taught a weekly lesson by a specialist PE coach, while the other is taught by their class teacher.