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Whole School Writing Projects

Winter Writing Project - November 2020 

This year our whole school project was based on the theme of winter.  Our outcome was to produce a descriptive piece of writing, describing a snow scene.  Children made visible progress as they became better at: developing their vocabulary, choosing appropriate word choices through exploring their senses, writing descriptively editing and publishing their writing.  Throughout the week, children listened to, and read, a selection of winter poems.

Written outcomes throughout the week included: poems, calligrams, first person imagery, vocabulary art, gallery labels and descriptive paragraphs.  

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - February 2020

Last year (February 2020), our writing project was based on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  Each class was given a different part of the story to look at in greater detail, e.g. grass, mud, wind, snowstorm etc...  Our outcome was to produce a piece of descriptive writing about the given scene, applying age appropriate skills.  The unit focused on firstly looking at a different scene within the story; modelling the skills, features and sentences that we wanted children to apply to their work through shared writing. Children then independently applied their knowledge to the given part of the story.  These were edited, redrafted and published for a whole school display.