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Why we teach this way

The National Curriculum (2014) expects us to provide ‘A high-quality computing education (that) equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.’


The skills required and expected in the real world are increasing at a pace never seen before and will continue to grow. We must equip our children with the necessary skills and knowledge for life skills and jobs which may not even currently exist.


The specific technological resources we currently use may not last forever, but the skills of flexibility, resilience, problem solving and staying safe that we use in Computing at our school will always be invaluable in our children’s future lives and careers.


We use professional associations and advice resources such as SWGfL, Barefoot, Blippit and reading from social media accounts to keep abreast of current trends and advice. These are shared by the Subject Leader with the staff through emails, the staffroom notice board and on the Workplace App. Parents and our community are kept informed through:



and our social media platforms: