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Year 4

Thursday 21st 9am: Y4 Maths Teams Meeting

Wednesday 20th 11.30am:  Y4 Maths Drop In Session if you want help on any Maths


Fractions with Numerators of 1


Good morning Year 4! I hope you all had a great weekend.


Thank you for your hard work on fractions, last week. Let’s keep it up, this week!


Please watch the video of me introducing the tasks on the Video Resource Centre (within 'Topaz Class') , called 14th Jan Y4 Maths. 


Then please complete the first task below. Make sure you annotate to show your working, as shown in the video. It’s very straightforward, but you really need a solid understanding of the concepts as we move onto much trickier work through the week.


The second task is two questions, which most of you should be able to tackle.


After that is a mini video test – 10 quick questions.


For further extension, please log into LbQ (don’t forget to use your full name!). The code is nyi.

Fractions Quiz!.mp4

Still image for this video