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Year 4

Fractions with Varied Numerators


We continue our fractions work today, building on our learning from yesterday.


  1. Please watch the two teaching video explanations (Part A and Part B) at this link: Finding fractions of an amount or set of objects - Year 4 - P5 - Maths - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize
  2. Now access Fractions Questions 1 (with answers) and complete the questions.
  3. Complete Fractions Questions 2 (with answers).
  4. For extra practice, complete Finding Fractions Questions. These look similar to yesterday's sheet, but are different (harder!).
  5. Have a go at this Match of the Day activity: Maths of the Day: Football Fractions - BBC Bitesize
  6. For further extension, please log into LbQ (don’t forget to use your full name!) and have a go at the fractions questions. The code is sov.