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Year 4

Y4 Maths Teams Lesson Wednesday at 9am

Y4 Maths Teams Support Session Thursday at 11.30am

This week’s teaching videos available on Video Resource Centre – Topaz Class:

  • 2nd Feb Y4 Maths Rectangles (Area)
  • 4th Feb Y4 Maths Compound Shapes (Area)
  • 4th Feb Y4 Maths Triangles (Area)


Area and Multiplication Day 2

Hello Year 4!


We continue our area learning, this week, with Mr Kellington’s Teaching Video 2nd Feb Y4 Maths Rectangles (Area) at the Video Resource Centre


Now watch this teaching video from Oak Academy: Calculate and compare the area of rectangles using square centimetres (cm²) (


Now read this explanation of Calculating Area

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 Discovery Education Espresso - Maths 2 - Area and perimeter - Further resources - Factfile - Area and perimeter


Please complete the Area Questions and Find the Area Questions below


For further learning, please access LbQ questions. The Code is 96nm.