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Year 4

This week, we have two Maths Support sessions, for you to access if you need help with the week’s learning:

  • Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 9am
  • Thursday 11th February 2021 at 9am


Written Addition and Subtraction Day 2

Good morning, children!


Today we are subtracting numbers. Please watch this 18 minute Teaching Video – with a pencil and some paper - on subtraction: Subtracting using the column method (


Please have a go at the Subtracting 4 Digit Numbers Questions below.


Now please complete the questions on LbQ. Today’s code (added before 9am) is: f2by


For further practice, try the subtracting activity of 3 digit numbers (mentally) at:

Username: student17843

Password: salesbury


For further guidance, please watch the two videos below:

Username: student17843

Password: salesbury


Watch espresso video on subtracting 3 digit numbers


Watch espresso video on subtracting 4 digit numbers: