Courageous Advocacy at Salesbury

The Christian Gospel says that every person has a unique task to do, with God, and for God, whether they know it or not. We hold and courageously advocate the conviction that there is something mysterious, and potentially wonderful, in everybody.

Salesbury Church of England Primary School nurtures courageous advocates who will play their part in making a difference, for noticing injustice and doing something about it.

We know and understand that life can be challenging at times and all people, including friends, family and global citizens will face difficulties that they need help with.

Together we have been and are supportive of a range of charities in our local area, nationally and globally.  Some we regularly support and others are in response to matters raised by the children or local, national and global events.

Our Christian Values (Hope, Peace, Thankfulness, Generosity, Perseverance and Compassion) and British Values (Rule of Law, Tolerance, Democracy, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty) ensure that opportunities to discuss current world issues, to challenge injustice and to engage in social action are always present.  Each week, we debate a question based on a current issue.  This leads to much discussion, learning, further questions and action.

We have an Archbishop of York Project Group who work as a family group to challenge injustice, raise awareness within school and ensure a clear action and response.  They are a very energetic and proactive group within school and have developed initiatives to enable fundraising and awareness of the need for clean water, donated school shoes to charity, made stationery packs for families for September, hosted a collection point for useful items for the homeless, collated Food Banks, raised issues regarding parking at school, adopted animals in danger of extinction, sent thank you cards for people in our community etc.

This year, each class has had a 'Big Question' to inspire children to be agents of change!

One of our Year 6 children was inspired to make a difference. He spotted that the local Food Bank had had its windows broken. He recognised Mrs Fourie, our Singing Teacher, who works hard for the Food Bank in the picture. Adrian decided to do a swim to raise funds to contribute to the repair. In addition to the swimming, he stood at the school entrance (in the rain) for the week to collect donations! Well done Adrian!

Adrian's swim_Page_1.png