Salesbury Sunflowers

Salesbury Sunflowers is our before and after-school club.

Breakfast Club is open from 7.45am - the start of school.

After-school Club is open from the end of the school day until 5.45pm

All Sunflowers staff are also Teaching Assistants at the school so are very familiar to children.  We also employ sports coaches from SportsCool on the staff team to provide varied sporting and outdoor activities.

Sunflowers offer a host of activities which change throughout the seasons.  They also make use of the school's hall and outdoor facilities.

Breakfast is provided at Breakfast Club and a healthy snack within After-School Club.

Breakfast Club is £4.00 per session.

After- School Club is £8.00 per session.

There is a small discount when accessing all 10 sessions reducing the cost to £55.

There is also a 10% discount applied to the second + sibling using the facilities.

Invoices will be sent out via Arbor each term and parents may part-pay against the outstanding balance as they wish.  Childcare vouchers may be used.  These will be applied against your outstanding balance when the monies have been received into the school's bank account.

We do have a small number of places set aside to meet occasional need or for those with irregular work patterns.  These places can be booked via Arbor and invoices for the places will be automatically raised on your Arbor account.