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Our new reading blog is now available to view.  As children read books throughout the year, we will be encouraging them to share their thoughts on our new blog.  Please feel free to leave them comments.  
Back to school for the last half-term.  We have had such a busy time - we did the Year 6 Science SATs, did really well in the Blackburn Music Festival with 1st place and three second places, finished first in the Accrington netball league, came 4th and 5th in the orienteering competition and launched our new topics too.  Now looking forward to our Learning from the Land Week and Year 6 heading off for PGL adventures.

What a week!  We have had a fabulous week in school for our Learning from the Land Week; this year with a book related theme.  Beautiful weather has enabled such wonderful outdoor learning with many workshops in and around the school grounds.  Year 5 had a trip to Cobble Hey for the third time this year - and what a difference they found.  We finished the week with a Book Character Parade and a picnic!

Year 6 had their own adventures on PGL - they have come home now happy, weary and a little bit grubby but full of tales of action and adventure.